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Do This One Unusual 10-Minute Trick Before Work To Melt Away 15+ Pounds of
Belly Fat

"All Women Get Fat After They're Married...Mine Did!"

Her Husband Said Underneath His Breath On The Eve Of Their 5-Year Wedding

He was having drinks with his buddies on the back porch and must have
forgot the windows were slightly cracked...

Ashley was inside nursing their newborn daughter as those hateful words
rattled her brain and pierced through her heart...

And as she re-told the story, I could hear the pain and heartbreak in
her soft voice...

"After my husband said that, I froze...

I wanted to burst into tears...

How could the man I love more than anything in the world say something
so terrible and hurtful behind me back?

I was CRUSHED...

I felt worthless...

Once my daughter finished nursing, I hurried into the bedroom and broke
down sobbing..

Sure, I've gained a few pounds since our wedding day...

That was FIVE years ago!

I mean...did I really let myself go that much?

Millions of Women Over 30 Suffer From This Hidden Hormonal
Disorder That Keeps You Overweight, Weakens Your Heart, & Starves Your
Brain. Discover If You're A Victim Of This "Blood Defect" Below...

I laid in bed HEARTBROKEN as tears rolled down my face, my daughter's crib
just a few feet away...

As soon as my husband came upstairs to bed after his "guys night", I
pretended I was asleep...

I was so furious...

I couldn't stand to see his face...

I wanted to leave him right then and there...

Then I thought....

What if I'm overreacting?

Maybe he just said it as a joke to get a laugh from his friends...


It doesn't matter, he should NEVER say that!

We're supposed to be a team...

Best friends...

Soul mates...

He should NEVER talk about me like that...

Then the questions started racing through my mind...

How long has he been saying this to his friends?

Does he even find me attractive anymore?

Is he fantasizing about someone else when we're "together"?

Is he just keeping our marriage together because of our daughter?

I happened to overhear this one, but who knows... Maybe he's been
saying horrible things about me for years.

Then I came to the SHOCKING realization....

Can I even trust him anymore?


And as he flopped into bed and began snoring within minutes, I turned
onto my side as the tears started to dry up and I started to really

Sure, my jeans feel a little tighter...

And there are a few pairs from before we were married that are so snug,
I can't fit in them without laying on the bed, sucking in as much as
possible, and wiggling back and forth just to BARELY get them

But that's what happens when you get older, right?

I never expected to fit into my high school jeans after turning 40...

After all...

I'm not some tiny woman with perfect genetics who can eat whatever she wants
and never gain an ounce of fat.

I HATE those women...

We get older and we put on weight, that's just how it is, right?

And even though I despised my husband for saying those awful things
about me...

Words that stung for days, making me feel insecure every time I walked
in a room, like everyone was judging me with their eyes because of how
I looked...

I knew there were only 3 ways to deal with the emotional pain and frustration
of my husband calling me fat....

1. Pretend it never happened, look the other way and go on acting as
though our lives were fine and convince myself we were still happy
2. Confront my husband, scream at him at the top of my lungs and let
him know how truly awful he made me feel
3. Or I could make the choice I did...

I could lose the weight that's secretly made me feel insecure and
self-conscious for years...

I could finally be the super-woman role model that my daughter deserves
and could be proud of without second-guessing how I look every day...

And most important of all, I could finally feel like myself again...

Eliminating the depression and "beat yourself up" attitude that I'd
been carrying around for far too long without really realizing it was

So the next morning, as my husband took our daughter to her
grandparents house before our big anniversary night out...

Which was pretty much ruined at this point...

I decided to finally face reality...

I dug out the scale from the back of our closet and nervously stepped
on it, bracing for the WORST...

And as the numbers flashed across the scale, my heart sank...

193 pounds.

I was 134 on my wedding day...

Did I really put on 59 pounds in just 5 years?

My eyes started to swell up as my lips quivered...

And as hard as it is to tell this emotional story again, looking back
it was the best day of my life...

Because it was the last straw that hurt so much it forced me to get my
life back on track.

And it led to a SHOCKING revelation that saved my life, you see...

This Hidden Hormonal Defect Makes Weight Loss Impossible And Is the
REAL Reason You're Frustrated & Struggling. Continued Below...

"Heart Hypertension" Can Go Undetected For Years and Cause SILENT Heart
Failure Without ANY Warning

Ashley has been a personal friend since high school and it wasn't until
recently that she told me the story about her now ex-husband...

And my jaw dropped the second she began describing that awful night...

Months later, she came to my fitness boot camp in Madison, Wisconsin
looking for help.

You see, after that heart-breaking night, Ashley went to the doctor for
a post-pregnancy check up...

And although everything was fine with her newborn baby girl, she got
some terrible news of her own...

Because her weight ballooned up, there were pockets of fat putting
EXTREME PRESSURE on her lungs, arteries, and worst of all she was
diagnosed with Heart Hypertension...

Which is the #1 cause of death associated with high blood pressure and
eventually leads to heart failure.

Keep Reading To Discover the HIDDEN Hormonal Defect That Leads to a 5x
INCREASE In Heart Failure...Especially Among Women Over 30

Her Crumbling Marriage And Caring For Her Baby Girl Led To
Uncontrollable "Stress Fat" Around Her Belly

This Mysterious Chemical Disorder STARVES Your Brain And Piles Up
"Stress Fat" Around Your Belly

Maybe that's why she felt sluggish, tired, and extremely unhappy every
single day...

She tried to hide it after all she loved her baby girl more than
anything in the world, yet a deep feeling of frustration and even
depression after so many sleepless nights wore her down...

And even though she had this terrible condition that could force her
heart to fail at any moment...

Her doctor just gave her a few bottles of pills and sent her on her

Like that was going to fix everything...

When Ashley got in her car, after buckling in little Emma in her car
seat, she lost it...

She cried hysterically....

The happiest time of her life with a baby girl was supposed to bring
her family together and now it's leading her to an early grave...

And her high priced doctor IGNORED her pain just so he could check out
early and get on the golf course before dinner while she was left

Eating LESS and Exercising More Will Quickly Lead To A Rounder Belly &
Even Heart Death If You're Over 30

That may sound harsh, but it's true...

In fact, I'll prove it to you in just a moment...

First, Ashley's life was spiraling out of control...

Her husband humiliated her to his closest friends...

Telling them how fat she got since their wedding day, and...

Her doctor discovered pockets of fat smothering her heart, lungs, and
arteries even though she felt exactly the same as she did just a few
years ago when everything was "fine"...

And now she had a handful of new pills to take every morning that cost
a fortune and only masked the problem instead of solving it for good...

So Ashley pulled her herself together and decided to finally make a
change in her life once and for all...

And she was able to piece together enough free workouts and diet advice
online to come up with what seemed like a reasonable plan to lose
weight FAST, after all...

Time was ticking and her heart might not be tomorrow, so there was no
time for the "slow and steady wins the race" weight loss plan...

Her handfuls of ugly fat needed to be gone NOW to release the pressure on her
weakening heart...

So she cranked up the cardio for an hour every morning and did some
"toning" exercises at night with 5 pound pink weights she got at a
discount sporting goods store...

I mean, she didn't want to get big and bulky, so she kept the weight
light and really focused on her legs, arms, and belly...

And instead of dropping weight fast and getting off her pain medication
almost instantly, which she hoped for...

Her heart was CRUSHED when she stepped on the scale and realized she
GAINED 3 pounds after the first week...

And after the first month, she went back to her doctor only to find out
her Heart Hypertension worsened to the point where they had to give her
aggressive medication to relieve the constant pressure on her heart...

Frustrated, confused, and at the brink of feeling hopeless, Ashley
walked through the front door of my fitness bootcamp, and...

After a short talk, we almost instantly discovered the Chemical
Disorder that NONE of her doctors told her about...

Which was the REAL reason she couldn't lose weight no matter what she

It turns out Ashley had...

A Hidden Hormonal Defect In Your Blood Forces Your Brain to STARVE And Makes
Losing Weight Absolutely Impossible

Most doctor's completely overlook this...

Brain Starvation-

Because they're only concerned about selling your more prescription
pills and medications to keep lining their pockets while you and I
struggle to pay their ridiculous co-pays and outrageous fees...

And it really pisses me off because Ashley struggled for MONTHS...

Risked her own health and the future of her baby girl...

Only to discover she was the victim of a silent chemical disorder that
affects millions of women and men each year and nearly ALL of them go

The REAL reason Ashley could never lose weight and keep it off is because of
a HIDDEN hormonal defect called Leptin Resistance that her doctor's missed
for years.

Leptin is your Master Fat-Burning Hormone and controls whether your
body easily melts away fat...

Or hangs on to every last ounce for dear life...

Basically it's a "Fat Shrinking Signal" that runs through your body and
torches fat no matter what you eat or how bad your genetics are...

So when you have this signal "Turned ON" it's like throwing a gasoline
soaked log onto a heaping fire..

Your fat gets burned up quickly and you start seeing a flatter belly
almost immediately...

In fact, it's the SECRET all celebrities use when they have to look
flawless and stunning for a big film role, the Grammy's, or walking the
red carpet at an exclusive movie premiere...

And along with burning TONS of ugly fat, leptin also tells you when to
STOP eating...

Think of it as your "I'm Full" hormone..

However, when you're Leptin Resistant, your body doesn't recognize your
leptin signals and they never reach your brain to tell you to stop

And since your brain never receives the "Stop Eating Signal", you
naturally continue to eat hundreds of extra calories at every single
meal thinking you're still hungry when you're really not...

See, your brain THINKS you need to eat more so you don't starve to

And it thinks you need to conserve more energy, so it makes you feel

Which is why you'd rather sit on the couch and watch TV with a big bowl
of ice cream rather than drag yourself to the gym for an hour of pure

And that's why it's NOT your fault!

You're a victim of a horrible hormonal defect that's starving your
brain while fattening up your belly, and...

According to Dr. James Lustig...

"If your brain can't see the leptin signal, you're definitely going to get
obese if you aren't already."

And the worst part is...

No one has ever told YOU about this...

Not your doctor...

Not your personal trainer...

Not your family physician...

Just think of it like this...

It's Like Turning Your Cell Phone Off In A Crowded Movie Theatre Seconds
Before Your Daughter DESPERATELY Texts You BEGGING For Help

Think about the last time you went to the movies...

You're excited to get out of the house...

Your popcorn has just enough warm delicious butter on it...

And at the last minute you remember to turn off your cell phone because
the extremely annoying voice tells you to on the movie screen.

As you're enjoying the movie, your daughter is driving across town to
her friends house for a sleepover...

She's excited with the music turned up so loud the whole world can
hear, and she can't wait to spend the night with her best friends...

Then as the light turns green a block away from her friend's house, she
steps on the gas and SMASH!

Missed Call-

Some jerk runs a red light and smashes right into the driver side of
your daughter's car...

With glass everywhere, your daughter regains consciousness, and...

She uses all the strength she has to grab her phone out of her pocket,
texts HELP in all caps to you, and desperately waits for a response...

But the response never comes.

You never get the message until you turn your phone back ON.

And by then, it might be too late.

That's the same thing with Leptin Resistance.

Your body is desperately sending signals to your brain telling you to
STOP eating and burn off the thick layers of fat smothering your heart,
lunges, and arteries...

But your brain never gets the message...

So you keep eating and eating, digging yourself an early grave without
even knowing it because these silent signals are never being received
in your body...

You feel the same as you always have...

And then the next morning, you roll over in bed to turn off your
annoying alarm and you suddenly clutch your chest because the extreme
pressure and tension has finally become too much and your heart gives

It can happen out of nowhere without ANY warning.

Listen, it's NOT your fault.

It's a chemical defect that millions of people have WITHOUT knowing
about it.

Still, the truth is...

Your body is never going to burn fat and you'll never get the slim,
tight, and toned belly that you deserve...

And the pockets of squishy fat SMOTHERING your heart will keep building
up day after day...

Until you turn your cell phone (i.e. your Leptin receptors) back ON for

Now, here's a simple doctor-trick to know once and for all if you are
suffering from this horrible hormonal disorder...

Discover If You're A Victim Of This Hidden Hormonal Disorder Using A Doctor
Prescribed 3-Second Bathroom Trick

If you're still reading this letter, then I can almost guarantee you
are Leptin Resistant...

Which explains why no matter how hard you try...

No matter how many diets you go on...

No matter how many grueling exercises and workouts you do...

You can never lose weight as quickly as you'd like...

Sure, you may be able to lose a few pounds here and there...

Think about it though...

Are you really happy with the results of all your hard work over the
past few years?

Unfortunately no one told you WHY you weren't losing weight...

So here's how you can tell without a fraction of doubt if you're Leptin

Which will explain the YEARS of struggle and frustration that has
unfairly taken over your life through no fault of your own.

Here's what you need to do.

Stand in front of the bathroom mirror...

3-second test-

Place both hands on your belly and GRAB...

If you have a handful of fat in each hand, then you're Leptin

And you're off the hook so you can finally stop feeling guilty and
depressed about your weight...

You simply have a condition that was never diagnosed and properly

Until now.

The good news is...

You can turn OFF your Leptin Resistance...

Quickly activate your "Fat Shrinking Signal"...

And FINALLY start melting away the unwanted fat that's been clinging to
your belly for years WITHOUT any grueling joint-killing workouts or
miserable low-carb diets...

And before you know it you'll be sliding back into your "skinny jeans"
from high school while you burn all your fat clothes forever as a sign
of how much you've overcome.

And That's Exactly What Happened To Ashley After Turning OFF Her Hidden
Hormonal Defect

A few weeks later, Ashley went out for a walk on a beautiful sunny
afternoon with baby Emma smiling ear to ear in her stroller while
shaking her favorite yellow & green rattle...

=> She hadn't thought about her "weight" in months...

Every morning she woke up and slipped into a pair jeans that she hadn't
worn in years as her baby weight melted away faster than ever...

She didn't even need to buy new clothes because everything she kept
from her 20's and 30's was FINALLY starting to fit again...

At the office...

Her boss who hadn't noticed her for years and BARELY knew her name
started complimenting her out of nowhere which filled her with pride
and accomplishment...

She no longer had to wiggle herself into her jeans just to fit into a
pair that made her look amazing and brought out her best features...

She felt lighter than ever before, with a sense of strength that she
could protect herself and her baby at the drop of the hat if she needed

Her achy bones and joints felt rejuvenated and strong after ditching
the cardio and high impact jumping exercises that left her feeling sore
and miserable with ZERO results to show for it...

Yet most important of all...

Ashley felt like her old self again...

The fun loving woman who enjoyed hanging with her girlfriends without
being worried that someone's going to take an unflattering picture from
the wrong angle and post it on Facebook for the world to see...

She didn't stress over losing weight and becoming slimmer, it just
happened once she got her Hidden Hormone in check...

And simply listening to her voice, I could tell how happy and amazing
she felt...

Look, you deserve all of this and MORE..

And the easiest and fastest way to get there is...

Turn ON Your "Fat Shrinking Signal" & Melt Away Up To 7 Pounds In 7 Days..

...WITHOUT Going To An Intimidating Germ-Filled Gym Or Doing Crazy CrossFit
Classes That Leave You Feeling Thick & Bulky

There's an extremely easy way to flip OFF this hidden hormonal defect
in your blood and finally start burning pure belly fat again, and...
* It does NOT involve grueling, joint-killing exercises that ruin
your knees, ankles, and back leaving you exhausted and barely able
to walk afterwards...

* It does NOT involve any heavy lifting or other meathead style
workouts that leave you feeling thick and bulky when you really
want to be Lean, Toned and Trim...

* It does NOT involve counting every single calorie that passes your
lips which makes losing weight completely miserable and is why so
many people fall off the wagon, binge, and end up fatter every

* And it definitely does NOT involve doing some ridiculous detox or
cleanse that eats away your lean muscle tissue and is guaranteed to
make you "skinny fat" instead of the toned, lean, and beautiful
look you desire...

And the best part is...

You can activate your Fat Shrinking Signal...

...that relentlessly attacks the billions of fat cells in your body and
SHRINKS them down from the size of a golf ball to a miniature pea...

All by following a simple 10-minute routine that ANYONE at ANY age in
ANY condition can do.

And don't worry, you don't even have to do this 10-minute routine every
single day...

In fact, all you need is 40 minutes PER WEEK to melt away all your
stubborn fat, reveal the sexy, lean muscle hiding under your skin, and
be the glowing, radiant star in every single room you walk into from
now on...

Here's Just A Tiny Sample of the Secrets You'll Discover & The Amazing
Results You'll Get By Turning OFF Your Hidden Hormonal Defect and Turning ON
Your Fat Shrinking Signal in Just 10-Minutes...

* How to Lose 10 Pounds in 14 Days So You Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans
and You Actually Outshine the Bride When You're The Bridesmaid At
Her Wedding
* The 60-Second "Flat Belly Trick" that burns up ugly fat like a
gasoline-soaked log thrown into a bonfire
* The amazing experience of waking up every morning wide-eyed like a
puppy bursting with energy because you can't wait any longer to
pick out another slim and sexy outfit that fits your body just
right and makes you feel like a million bucks all day long in front
of your jealous co-workers
* One simple total body movement that ANYONE can do to rapidly tone
your abs, chest, shoulders, core, and the back of your jiggly arms
in seconds saving you HOURS every week so you can spend more time
making lifelong memories with your family and friends
* The exact `cardio' sequence that Jennifer Lopez uses to look
unbelievable and tone every inch of her body at age 46 that YOU can
do right in your living room with just 3 feet of space to get even
BETTER results in a fraction of the time
* The fool proof method to getting a firm and flat belly in just
minutes a day so you can be the hero and role model your children
deserve in this world of childhood obesity, million dollar medical
bills, and greedy food corporations trying to get in your pockets
at every turn while keeping you fat and hungry
* The look on your best friends face as you meet for dinner and her
jaw DROPS with envy as you show off a new sleek, tight-fitting
dress while she hides behind layers of bulky clothes wishing she
were you
* The underground "Fountain of Youth" secret that instantly turns ON
your Anti-Aging hormones so you turn back the clock 10+ years
without wasting any money on expensive creams, lotions, or other
garbage products who's only goal for you is to BUY MORE
* Finally get back at the diet company creeps who suck in poor women
and men every year to waste thousands of dollars on their horrible
meals and programs only to keep you spending money rather than
solving your weight problems once and for all
* The 20 second trick to flattening your belly like a Victoria
Secret's model without "starving yourself skinny" or wasting hours
at the gym

Who Am I To Make Such An Amazing Promise And Why Should You Believe Every
Single Word You Read On This Very Page

Hi, my name is Derek Wahler...

Yet my friends know me as the "Weight Loss Whisperer"...

...because I have a reputation of taking on the most difficult women
and men who haven't been able to lose weight for years and transform
their bodies in just minutes right in their own living room.

Derek Intro Pic-

And because my methods are so short and simple, it's nearly impossible
NOT to see results after just a few days...

And after receiving thousands of emails from desperate weight gain
sufferers around the world in their 30's, 40's, 50's and even 60's...

I discovered one serious problem that was sabotaging everyone's

Too much strenuous exercise...

Which led to uncontrollable inflammation in the belly and made it
impossible to burn belly fat.

You see, your body naturally produces Inflammation Atoms when there's
too much stress and pressure from long cardio workouts or extreme
workout DVD's...

These Inflammation Atoms flow throughout your belly and form pockets
that bind together and make your stomach stick out...

So if you look down right now and your belly is "sticking out" and
hanging over your pants...

It's because you have a massive build up of Inflammation Atoms...

That are now wreaking havoc on your internal systems and have already
created a toxic environment that makes losing weight harder than
winning the lottery.

The good news is...

You can instantly eliminate your Inflammation Atoms....

And REVERSE the fat-storing hormonal defect that's made you a victim of
being overweight for years...

All in just 10 minutes.

And this quick story will tell you exactly...

How A Frustrated Woman On the Brink of Tears Led Me To This BREAKTHROUGH
Belly-Slimming Secret

When I started my online weight loss program a few years ago, Jennifer
was my first member...

She was in her late 20's...

And although most people assume someone that young must have a
scorching metabolism and can eat whatever they want without gaining an
ounce of fat, Jennifer was the exact opposite.

She was working 3 jobs, had an active social life, yet she always had
an extra 15 - 20 pounds she was carrying around that wouldn't budge...

Which is what brought her to me in the first place.

So I gave Jennifer a workout program for the first month, based on the
30-minute workouts I had used in person with my personal training
clients and boot camp members...

The only problem was...

The workouts were too long and strenuous.

See, she could join any old gym or boot camp and get a great 30-minute
workout, but she didn't have time for that...

With 3 jobs, she could only squeeze in a couple minutes here and
there, and...

She needed help FAST because her doctor said she was on the fast track
to cardiovascular disease and diabetes if she didn't make some quick

So after an emotional phone call, where we went over her ENTIRE daily
schedule and I realized first hand that these 30 minute workouts
weren't possible for Jennifer...

I locked myself in my home office and took a long, hard look at what I
was doing...

I prided myself on being able to help ANYONE get a flat and firm belly
while making all their worst health ailments go away in a matter of

And sure, I knew there were plenty of super short workouts online and
that they were nothing new, however...

After watching and studying hundreds of them, I noticed every single
one was missing ONE thing that would deliver mind-blowing results...

Each workout was lacking the ONE key that switches ON your
Fat Shrinking Signal and makes weight loss all but guaranteed...

And let's just say this belly slimming secret lies in the order,
angles, and intensity that you work a certain group of muscles and body

Which 99% of fitness experts completely ignore.

So over the next few hours, I created a simple follow along body
sculpting program based on short, 10-minute home workouts that
INSTANTLY activate this powerful fat-burning hormone every single

And just a few short weeks later, Jennifer was down 15 pounds...

Jennifer Used The Belly Slimming Secret and RAVED, "I Lost Over 15 Pounds and
Had To Buy All New Clothes!"

Jennifer Reinfried

Many of you know that this year I lost over 15 pounds, and a lot of you
have asked how. With three jobs this year, it made it extremely
difficult to go to the gym, and one day, I saw a post from trainer
Derek Wahler. He had come up with an at home workout that you do only
3-4 times a week, which also comes with meal planning.

This is how I dropped so much weight so quickly. He is great at
encouraging and motivating you! He knows what he is talking about, and
his program is so worth it.

Those of you who saw the transformation know what I mean. Not only was
I needing to find my old clothes again because I didn't fit into my
current ones anymore, but then a couple months after that, I had to buy
new ones as I didn't fit into my old clothes either! Thank you Derek
for making my dreams a reality!

Jennifer Reinfried

So What Is This Breakthrough New Slimming System That Has Thousands Of Women
& Men Around The World Activating Their Fat Shrinking Signals And Finally
Seeing a Tight & Toned Body In Less Than 21 Days? I'd Like To Introduce You

Dynamic Activation Training (TM)

The ONLY Done-For-You Slimming System That Makes Losing Weight & Melting Away
Belly Fat As Easy And Automatic As Tying Your Shoes...

What if losing weight and burning belly fat was as easy and automatic as
tying your shoes?

Honestly, when's the last time you had to THINK about tying your shoes?

You don't...it just happens right?

It's so easy, it's automatic and just something you do every day...

That's the secret behind the Dynamic Activation Training System...
* You do NOT have to follow a complicated exercise plan that leaves
you exhausted while tearing apart your joints with dangerous high
impact exercises....

* You do NOT have to "starve yourself skinny" on some outrageous diet
that makes you miserable only to gain ALL the weight back and more
once you go back to eating normal...

* And you definitely do NOT have to worry about getting "big and
bulky" on some one-size-fits-all program that doesn't understand
what you truly desire for yourself and your body

The BEST part is...

Anyone at ANY age in ANY physical condition will...
* Activate your Fat Shrinking Signal that literally SHRINKS your fat
cells from the size of a golf ball down to a kernel of corn so you
look and feel thinner immediately after your first workout

* Turn OFF your Hidden Hormonal Defect that starves your brain and
has kept you fat against your will for years

* Flatten and firm your belly while REVERSING dangerous diseases like
Heart Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, and even Diabetes
without any pills or expensive medications...

All in just 10 minutes.

And you don't have to take my word for it...

Michelle Used The Slimming Secret To Lose 21 Pounds Of Fat After Running

Over the years I have tried various workouts and gym memberships. I had
been working out on my own at Anytime fitness and felt like I wasn't
getting anywhere.

Michelle Lucey-

I would do my work on the cardio machines, had gotten into a great
running routine, but I wasn't getting the results I wanted to see. That
is when I found Derek's program!

I have a very busy schedule with varying work hours. With Derek's short
workouts I could get up early get my workout in and get started on my

I was doing the workouts 3 times a week and in the first two weeks I
noticed a change! It was great to work up a sweat in such a short
period of time. I continually felt challenged with each workout. I was
stronger, started noticing more muscle tone and of course had way more
energy throughout my day.

I lost 3.5 inches off my belly and 2 inches off my waist, dropped 21 pounds
and fit back into my old "skinny" jeans.

I felt great, even co-workers and friends saw a difference! Derek's
program fit great into my life!

Michelle Lucey, Hair Stylist

And Here Are Just A Few Of The Belly Slimming Secrets You'll Discover...

* The BREAKTHROUGH Belly Slimming "20-10" formula that melts away
more belly fat in just 4 minutes so you can get 7x the results
while having MORE time to watch TV, go out with your friends, and
shop for the new clothes you'll need because your old ones slide
off you like XXL clothes on medium sized model
* The odd 40-second "Metabolic Activation" trick that turns ON your
Slimming Signal which melts away fat like a piece of chocolate on a
hot summer day no matter what you eat
* The controversial leg and booty toning exercise that Beyonce uses
every day to banish cellulite for good while keeping your body in
bikini-ready shape year round
* How to instantly turn OFF your Hidden Hormone Disorder that causes
Brain Starvation and turns on the "Hunger Fire" in your belly
making you pile on ugly fat no matter how little you eat or how
long you exercise
* You'll NEVER feel ashamed, uncomfortable, or down right embarrassed
to look back at old pictures of yourself ever again
* You'll no longer have to squeeze into your jeans and wiggle your
waist like shoving 5 pounds of sausage into a 3 pound bag just to
get them on while blaming the dryer for "shrinking" them again
* Turn OFF the "Heart-Stopping Hormone" that floods your body and
puts extreme pressure on your heart, lungs and arteries making you
fatter while silently killing you only to realize it when it's too
* Ignite the "Metabolism Shock Factor" in your body that jolts
fat-burning back to life like a heart defibrillator saving the life
of an obese mother of 3 so you can melt off at least 3+ inches from
you belly by this time next month...and 99% of workouts FAIL to do
* No longer feel your heart STING with unberable PAIN when you
overhear your kids making fun of your weight to their friends
behind your back because they're secretly embarrassed by how you

Think about it...

Trying everything imaginable and never being able to lose even a pound
of fat is extremely frustrating...

However you are NOT alone...

In fact...

We surveyed thousands of happy Flat Stomach Formula members to identify
the "Last Straw" that pushed them over the edge to make a change that
saved their life...

And hopefully these will inspire and motivate you to take action and
re-claim your health so you will not only have a flat and firmer

More importantly...

You'll be able to add decades onto your life that you can spend with
your family and children instead of leaving them too soon with a huge
whole in their hearts...

Women & Men Just Like You Bravely Reveal the "Last Straw" That FINALLY Pushed
Them To Take Action On The Health & Body They Desired

Think about it...

You've tried losing weight before, right?

I'm sure you've tried all sorts of workout and diet programs over the
years, yet there are still places on your body where you can grab
handfuls of fat and you wish they'd just disappear, and...

Maybe you hate looking in the mirror....

Maybe you hide behind baggy clothes so you can APPEAR thinner than you
really are...

Or maybe you CRINGE when you look at pictures from even just a few
weeks ago, barely recognizing the person who's smiling on the outside,
but feeling hopeless on the inside...

Look, you are NOT alone...

In fact, everyone has what I call their "Last Straw" moment where you
decide enough is enough and you're finally ready to make a change...

So I wanted to share of few of the "Last Straw" moments from the
thousands of women and men who have flattened their belly and taken
their life back by activating their Slimming Signal in just 10 short

And hopefully they will help you realize that what you're feeling is
normal and there's always a way out...


I looked back at old pictures with my family and friends and didn't see
ME anymore. I didn't even recognize the person looking into the camera.

-Sheila Woodall, age 47


I've been overweight for years, but I was always happy...probably
because I was always eating.

The last straw was when I went to the movies and couldn't barely wedge
myself into the seat.

A light went off inside me and as I was sitting there trying to watch
the movie, all I thought about was how I'd spend the past 10 months
just under 300 pounds, and two months ago I passed the line and weighed
in at 311 pounds. I felt so disgusting I had to make a change.

-Denise Akers, age 33


My tipping point was being 212 pounds and my jeans were so tight I
could barely put them on! I refused to go up another size and was like
how could I let myself get like this?

That's when I made a promise to myself and made my weight and my health
priority #1.

Erica Baldwin, age 52


My blood pressure numbers were through the roof. And ever worse, I saw,
not just glanced at, but actually SAW what I looked like in pictures
from Christmas.

I could barely recognize myself.

I went back and looked at pictures from our last family vacation and
was mortified! I mean...I knew I'd been putting on weight - it's hard
to miss when you go to buy clothes and they keep getting bigger and

After that, I had a hard conversation with myself and said, "What am I

That's when I finally decided to make a change and never look back. My
kids deserve the best possible version of me and I can't let them down.

-Byron Waters, age 45


When the seams of my jeans literally tore apart, with only thin elastic
threads holding them together and my fat thighs squishing out between.

And even worse, it was right before a work party...so I had to run home
and change before anyone saw what happened.

So embarrassing and thank goodness because it finally kicked my butt
into gear.

-Ellain Marshall, age 30


Uggggh! My size 17 jeans were getting to be too tight, my digestive
system was chaotic to say the least, and my belly was constantly
bloated like a pregnant woman's.

I tried to "eat more vegetables" but with all the other crap I was
eating, salads and veggies made my stomach feel worse. I was in a
constant state of pain and was gaining weight every week.

Since "cleaning up my diet" obviously wasn't working, I came across
Derek's site and it seemed so simple, I gave it a try.

Now I feel amazing and my belly is finally flat and firm instead of
squishy and soft :-)

Kendra Smart, age 58


And now, starting today you can use a rare combination of never seen
before Body Sculpting Secrets...

To FINALLY cure your Hidden Hormonal Defect that has kept you
overweight and unhealthy for years without even knowing it...

While you melt away the inches off your waist and thighs for good in
the comfort of your own home FASTER than you ever thought possible.

Introducing the Fat Shrinking Signal(TM)

The Only Step-By-Step Slimming System That Turns OFF Your Hidden Hormonal
Disorder and Activates Your Belly Shrinking Signal That Strips Away Ugly Fat
In Just 10-Minutes So You Can Visibly SEE A Toned & Trim Body That's Firm to
the Touch WITHOUT Long Grueling Workouts Or Dangerous Starvation Diets

I'm so excited to share this NEW total body slimming solution with you,
so you can finally get the tight and trim figure you deserve without
having to waste hours in a smelly germ infested gym or count a single
calorie ever again.


The Fat Shrinking Signal is a 21-day home movement program that only
uses your bodyweight to activate the most powerful fat-burning sensors
in your body that have been dead and disabled for years.

And the magic lies in each unique workout that activates your Fat
Shrinking Signal so you can burn off every last ounce of extra fat in
just 10 short minutes.

Even better...

Anyone at ANY age in ANY physical condition can do these movements,

If you make the wise choice and pick up your copy of the program

I'll be giving you my PERSONAL email address so you can ask me
questions, request modifications for exercises that are too difficult,
and best of all...

You can easily use the Low-Impact alternatives to continue melting away
fat even if you have bad knees, sore ankles, back pain, or tight

Jessica Melted OFF 12 Inches Around Her Belly, Waist & Thighs In LESS Than A
Month Using The Slimming Secret

Jessica Benton Before doing the workouts, my life was kind of all over
the place. I wanted to lose weight, but when I noticed that my weight
wasn't going anywhere, I became comfortable with just maintaining my
current weight.

The biggest change/Challenge for me with your workouts was just pushing
myself even when I really wanted to give up. Now, I can breathe
longer, go harder, and feel stronger.

I liked a lot of things about the 10-minute workout, but the number one
thing I liked about it was the intensity levels, and also the
convenience of not going to the gym and just working out whenever and
where ever I wanted.

Today I feel better, my thighs do not rub against each other when I
walk, and I'm more aware of what I am putting in my body.

Between school, work, and relaxing, this workout plan was a great way
to keep me active, since I sit all day at my current job.
7/20/15 8/18/2015
Waist 33 inches 30 inches
Stomach 36.5 inches 32 inches
Hips 40 inches 37 inches
Thighs 27 inches 25.5 inches

Jess Benton, Chicago, IL

Here's Your Exact 4-Step Slimming Sequence To SEE Your Flattest & Most Firm
Belly Ever In Just a Few Short Weeks

This follow along bodyweight program hits your entire body at a number
of different angles so you can trim and tone every inch without
suffering through the same boring routine every day...

Each workout builds on the previous one so you continue to increase
your fat-burning metabolism while you keep your body guessing about
what's coming up next...

So you'll NEVER suffer the dreaded "weight loss plateau" that's so
frustrating and RUINS well-intentioned people like yourself who are
willing to put in the work but have unfortunately been given the wrong
information from the so-called "experts".

Here's a small sample of how this revolutionary Body Slimming System

Body Slimming Burst #1

Turn ON Your Natural "Fat Shrinking Signal" To

SEE A Flatter More Firm Belly From Day 1

To begin burning fat immediately on Day #1, you'll start with...
* The Total Body Burn sequence activates your "Fat Shrinking Signal"
that flushes out your trapped body fat so you'll look and FEEL
slimmer almost instantly.

* WARNING: Using this technique is like performing rapid liposuction
on your body without the dangerous side effects or health risks.
ONLY use this if you're ready for the psychological shift that
comes when everyone treats you differently because you're now
a "skinny person"

Body Shaping Burst #2

Unleash Fat-Burning Signals To Your Starving Brain To

INSTANTLY Release The Trapped Fat Around Your Heart, Belly, Thighs & Arms

In the second short burst workout you'll discover...
* The "Shock Your System" sequence that sends a fat-burning signal to
your brain, heart, and belly forcing your body to finally RELEASE
the trapped fat that's been clinging to your body for years

* Unique total body movements that sculpt your trouble spots and melt
away flab from your most undesirable areas

* The 5 "Shock Points" throughout your body that combine to release a
powerful surge of fat-fighting hormones ONLY when they're activated
together at the same time

Body Sculpting Burst #3

Activate Your Internal "Fat Flush" Feature To

See Your Legs, Thighs & Butt Instantly Tone & Tighten Up Every Single Week

The third short burst workout builds on the first two where you'll
* The 10-Minute "Fire Cracker" method that activates the "Fat Flush"
response in your body and breaks up the thick pockets of fat for
good like a fire cracker blowing up in the sky and results in a
magical show for everyone to see which is exactly what your new
body will be

* The 40-Second Ultra Stomach Slimming movement that melts away your
love handles in minutes so you'll look and FEEL thinner
almost overnight

* One odd total body movement that unleashes your "Anti-Aging
Enzymes" which instantly turn back the clock and have you LOOKING
years younger in just a few short weeks

Body Shredding Burst #4

Ignite Your Rapid Fat-Burning Flame FAST To

TRIPLE Your Fat Loss & Eliminate Belly Bulge Forever

The fourth and final short burst workout builds on the last one to
ignite your Metabolic Hot Spots and release a fierce fat-burning flame
that feeds on belly fat and burns it up faster than ever before...

And in this short sequence you'll discover...
* The "Fire Burner" approach that ignites the fat-burning flames deep
in your belly that run for hours and are nearly impossible to put
out so you'll burn DOUBLE and sometimes even TRIPLE the fat because
of this "metabolism activation" technique that 99% of doctors and
fitness trainers don't know about

* How to ACTIVATE Your Metabolic Hot Spots to 5x your total body burn
leaving you slimmer and more toned WITHOUT adding extra sets, reps,
or minutes to the end of your short workout

* The two total body movements that when combined together force an
EXTREME calorie burn that dramatically lowers your blood pressure,
relieves Heart Hypertension, and will add YEARS onto your life
while slimming your belly

And the best news of all for women and men over 30 is...

This Unique Body Sculpting System Will Work For ANYONE at ANY Age in ANY
Condition Even If...

"I Haven't Exercised in Months"

That's the beauty of this 10-minute Body Sculpting System. You're not
doing long, grueling workouts that leave you sore, miserable, and
unable to walk for days.

For the first few workouts, simply go at your own pace and take plenty
of breaks as you ease yourself into the exercises. Then as you
progress, you can increase the intensity for even FASTER results.

I've had women and men from their early 30's all the way up to age 76
get in amazing shape with these short burst belly slimming workouts.

"I'm Too Old"

As I mentioned, men and women up to age 76 have gotten amazing results
with these short, home fat-burning bursts.

That's because each 10-minute workout is designed specifically to
release a surge of Anti-Aging Enzymes that flood your body and help
turn the back the clock almost overnight...

So after the first week you'll be feeling years younger with endless
amounts of energy and a newfound sense of youth.

"I Never See Results"

Unfortunately, most programs are more concerned about "being extreme"
and have super hard workouts that they don't care that 99% of people
NEVER actually finish the program...

And I think that's absurd, which is why I spent months crafting an
easy-to-follow program that only takes 40 minutes PER WEEK, which

As long as you have 10-minutes here and there to flatten your belly and
add YEARS onto your life, then you'll easily be able to stick with the
program and see amazing results...

Plus, with these unique belly-flattening bursts, you'll start seeing
and feeling results after the first few workouts.

"I Don't Have Any Time"

I know you're busy and quite frankly you shouldn't have to devote an
hour or more everyday to get in the most amazing shape of your life, in

Exercising too long can actually ruin your results, put extreme
pressure on your heart, lungs, and joints, while forcing your body to
STORE more belly fat...

Which is why I created this system where you'll only need 10 minutes
right in your living room, bedroom, or basement to...

Sculpt your entire body, burn off the ugly fat that's been clinging to
your body for years, and unleash the fabulous new you that's been
waiting to come out for decades.

Jenna Used The Slimming Secret & Lost 11 Pounds & 2 Inches Off Her Belly

As I get older I'm finding my free time is limited and it's simply
harder to stay fit.

Jenna Gebhardt-

The workouts I had time for was basically just walking the dog and some
running. I wasn't getting much results, and struggling to maintain my

Long Wisconsin winter's set in, and getting motivated becomes a
challenge. My husband, Chad and I also travel a lot, which makes it
almost impossible to stay on track with diet & exercise. It was time to
make a change, and FAST!

I tried Derek's workouts and found it to be the change I needed.
Mentally & physically. The best part is that they're really short!

Just enough time in my busy, hectic life to sneak away and do something
rewarding for myself.

The workouts tone & lift your body's muscle quickly. Even my
skin changed & became youthful. I feel stronger mentally and physically
because of Derek's workouts!

Jenna Gebhardt

The Fat Shrinking Signal Is Not For Everyone

You'll Finally SEE A Flat Belly That's Firm to the Touch in 10-Minutes
or Less

There are no one-size fits all rapid fat loss solutions and if you're
looking for some miracle quick fix that promises you'll lose 20+ pounds
in less than a week, I'm sorry...

But this is not for you.

And I know there are hundreds of programs out there promising you the
world in terms of instant overnight results, however...

I prefer being honest instead of lying to you right from the beginning,

If you're looking for a magic pill to melt away all your belly fat with
ZERO effort on your part then I'm sorry, but is not for you.

The good news is...

If you're willing to commit to just 10-minutes a few times a week, then
you will see amazing total body transformation type results WITHOUT
having to suffer through one more long, joint-killing workout or
miserable "starve yourself skinny" diet...

And because you only need 10 minutes to get a flat and firm belly on
this breakthrough NEW rapid results plan, you'll be able to stick with
it and finally get the body of your dreams...

No matter how hectic your busy days get.

Now You Can Use These Same Proven Flat Belly Secrets & SAVE BIG Only If You
Act Today

I quickly built a reputation here in Madison of always charging nearly
double what the other gyms and fitness bootcamps in town were doing,
after all...

I believe you get what you pay for and if all you want is a $10 monthly
membership then you're going to get $10 results....

Which is why my sessions were constantly packed because my loyal
clients were shedding weight so fast...

The word spread like wildfire and women and men in their 30's, 40's,
50's and even 60's were happily paying over $1,000 per month to flatten
their bellies FASTER than ever before....

And although I could easily charge at least $297 for this permanent
body sculpting solution so you never have to spend another cent on gym
memberships, doctor visits, bogus diets, or bulky cardio equipment...

I wouldn't feel right because I know that would prevent too many people
from taking advantage of these 10-minute slimming secrets....

And I even thought about cutting the price in half and charging $149,
which is what my personal clients pay for just two individual sessions
with me...

Which they are happy to do because they've literally wasted thousands
of dollars on frat boy personal trainers who are only interested in
meeting women and not delivering value and results to their members...

Then I thought about some of my old co-workers at my old corporate day
job and how some are living paycheck to paycheck and $149 is a HUGE

And it didn't feel right in my heart to charge that much even though
it's a huge bargain....

Which is why....

For a limited time only, you can get the entire Flat Stomach
Formula program with my patented 10-minute belly slimming bursts...

That will have you burning your fat clothes forever while you slide
into your old skinny jeans with ease and reverse all your major health
problems that will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next
5 years...

For a one-time payment of just $45.

Think about it....

$45 for a lifetime of amazing health plus a tight and toned body you
can show off year round while NEVER having to worry about "dieting" or
watching what you eat ever again...

Still, when I shared this with my wife Keri she immediately called me
out and reminded me of my mission to help 1 million people lose 10 or
more pounds by the year 2020...

And the truth is, she's right.

Helping you is my #1 priority because the overweight and obesity
epidemic in this world is raging out of control...

Which is why I decided to throw a...

Summer 2016 Rapid Flash Sale SLASHES Two Payments OFF...
So You Can Turn Off Your Hidden Hormone Disorder, Turn ON Your Belly
Shrinking Signal & Visibly SEE A Tight & Toned Body In Just 21 Days

In order to help 1 million women and men lose 10+ pounds by the year

I need to get these belly slimming secrets that are years in the making
into as many hands as possible, and...

Giving it away for free won't do you any good because you only value
what you pay for and I actually want you to use these cutting edge
strategies to get amazing results and transform your body and life,

Until the end of the month, you can get the ENTIRE Fat Shrinking
Signal System with over 20 follow along home workout videos...

To turn OFF your fat-storing "Feed Me" signal, SHRINK your
stomach, and tone every inch of your body in just 10 minutes from the
comfort of your own home, away from the intimidating germ invested

For a one-time payment of just $15.

That's it, 15 measly bucks to transform your life...

And more importantly, your family's life after they see the amazing
role model and leader you've become by taking full control of your own

However, you have to act NOW in order to receive this one time extreme

Because it's not guaranteed past today.

Act now and get the Flat and Firm Belly you've always desired by
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Claim Your Copy of the Fat Shrinking Signal Today And Get Instant Access to
the Entire Belly Slimming System

Fat Shrinking Signal Follow Along Workout Video Series

* Activate your "Belly Shrinking Signal" in just 10-minutes and
visibly SEE your belly get flatter and more firm in just 3 days.
* There is NO thinking on your part. Simply press Play and follow
along with me for 10-minutes and you're DONE!
* And you do NOT need a single piece of equipment, each workout only
uses your own bodyweight to slim and sculpt every last inch while
your "Slimming Signal" MELTS away ugly fat FASTER than ever before
* This belly slimming program is 100% digital only and you will
receive instant access so you can start stripping away fat without
waiting weeks for the program to arrive

buy now-

You Do NOT Have To Decide Right Now

You may still be skeptical that a simple easy-to-follow home Belly
Slimming System that ANYONE at ANY age in ANY condition can do will
deliver these amazing results...

I would be skeptical too and you're smart to question everything before
trying it out for yourself...

Which is why you can test out the ENTIRE Fat Shrinking
Signal program while flattening your stomach with over 20 of the follow
along home workout videos....

And you can even go through the entire program TWICE and if you don't
believe you got 10x the value of what you paid for...

Then I insist on giving you a 100% full refund...

Because you'll instantly be backed by my No Questions Asked 60-Day No
Excuses Guarantee...

60 Day 100% Money Back TRIPLE Guarantee

Results Guarantee #1: ANYBODY Can Do It

This body sculpting program was specifically designed so ANYONE at ANY
age in ANY condition can do it and get amazing results.

It doesn't matter if you work out consistently or haven't done a single
exercise in years.

The total body muscle friendly movements rev up your fat-burning
metabolism without the dangerous, high impact exercises that always
leave you sore and even injured for weeks.

All you need is 10 minutes and your own bodyweight to get amazing

Results Guarantee #2: You'll See Results FAST

You don't need 30, 45, or even an outrageous 60 minutes to get in the
best shape of your life and finally burn off the ugly belly fat that
you've been carrying around for years.

Thanks to the BREAKTHROUGH Dynamic Activation Training discovery, all
you need is 10 minutes a few days a week to visibly SEE a flat and
firmer belly.

Results Guarantee #3: You'll Have Fun and Stay Motivated

Most fat loss programs don't work because you get bored and feel like
quitting after just a few days.

And they don't turn OFF your fat-storing "Feed Me" signal which is the
REAL reason you haven't been able to lose weight and keep it off for

Which is why no mater how hard you work, the results never come.

However, after you turn OFF your fat-storing "Feed Me" Signal...

And turn ON your #1 Fat-Burning Super Hormone, you'll feel a difference
after just the first workout and...

Since you'll see results FAST...motivation will never be an issue.
Instead, you'll feel amazing as your belly flattens, the fat hanging
over your pants disappears, and your love handles melt away forever.

If you don't feel 100% satisfied with your experience over the next 60
days, just send an email to Derek@dwahlerfitness and I'll
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Even better, you'll get to keep the digital downloads, workout videos,
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You Must Act Now To Lock In Your Savings & Instantly Ignite Your Belly
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I've already received hundreds of hateful emails and text messages from
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And I usually don't do this, especially since I charge over $1,000 per
month for people get these same secrets in person at my fitness boot
camp, however...

After sleeping on it, I vividly remember seeing a "sign" while I was in
a deep sleep that reminded me why I'm doing all this in the first

Which is to help YOU....

Still, my competitor's lawyers could come knocking at my door any day
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family company and have become a huge threat to their corporate
foundation, which is why...

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You Have An Extremely Important Choice to Make Right Here Right Now That Will
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Following this proven path that is going to lead you to:

1) An unbelievable total body transformation that can reverse all of
your medical ailments without any dangerous pills, medications, or
supplements while intriguing your closets friends to whisper in your
ear...What's Your Secret?!

2) Endless amounts of natural energy that'll have you bursting out of
bed excited to attack each day so you can stop angrily hitting the
snooze button while feeling exhausted every single morning before your
day even starts...

3) Looking and FEELING your absolute best every single day while
SEEING a tight and toned reflection looking back at you in the mirror
every day before you hop in the shower...

4) An EXTREME sense of self-confidence and certainty that will carry
you farther in life than even a Harvard education while allowing you to
finally take action on your dreams and create the life you've always
wanted but never acted on...


Will you regret knowing that you could have easily followed this simple
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Your Price Today: $15

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Look, the truth is you have only 3 options...

Option #1 is you can do nothing...

Forget everything you learned on this page and continue living a life
that's left you unhappy, overweight, frustrated, depressed, and
discouraged for years...

Which is unconsciously passed down to your children and other family
members who absorb what you do without even realizing it.

You'll simply go back to your normal life that's left you searching for
answers to a weight problem you've been ignoring for years without
taking any action...

No matter how easy and simple the real solution is right at your very
fingertips today.

Option #2 is to figure it out on your own...

You'll take the information you learned today and try to implement it
on your own.

You can also search the thousands of free websites and videos out there
to come up with your own plan...

So you don't have to part with the 15 measly dollars while you struggle
transform your body all on your own.

Although if it were that easy...

Why haven't you done it yet?

Option #3 is to simply let me do all the hard work for you.

This Belly Shrinking System is so easy to follow there is NO thinking
or confusion on your part...

You'll know exactly what short burst routine to do on each day...

So all you have to do is Press Play on the video and follow along with

And in 10 short minutes you'll be done.

We'll go through the entire workout together and I'll be giving you
exercise modifications, so ANYONE at ANY age in ANY condition can do

And I'll also tell you what days to rest, which is MORE important than
the workouts themselves...

So you can rest and recover without burning yourself out...

And you'll feel amazing and energetic every single day instead of sore
and exhausted.

Right now, you can choose to let me be your personal coach and hold
your hand as we go through this exciting Total Body Transformation
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I'll personally help you every step of the way...

So you can finally get the belly slimming results you deserve when
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When you have a proven system like this, burning belly fat and losing
weight is NOT complicated or stressful...

It's easy...

It's fun...

And it works.

Your Price Today: $15

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Norm Used the Belly Slimming Secret to Drop 26 Pounds of Pure Fat

Norm Nazaroff I've been overweight for most of my life and working a
desk job didn't help. Long hours and crunch time leads to poor eating,
stress eating and just plain bad choices - caffeinated sodas were my
constant companion during the hardest times.

I tried running and biking, did some stints with weight lifting in
traditional gyms and tried to adjust my eating habits but nothing had
ever stuck. I get bored easily with repetitive tasks. Ultimately I'd
get tired of whatever fitness regimen or diet I was on and revert to my
prior, unhealthy ways.

The last straw came over the summer when I stepped on a scale and
realized I was up to 215 pounds. At 5'11" that put me well into the
"obese" category and was the heaviest I'd ever been. I could see it in
photos of myself and feel it in my day to day life. Stupid things
mostly, like bending over to tie my shoes and realizing I could feel my
belly getting in the way and making it awkward.

This workout program is the one that finally stuck - I was having so
much more fun with the varied workouts and with Derek's direct
encouragement and help.

Since starting Derek's program I've lost 26 pounds of actual fat!

I'm very thankful that I met Derek and that I decided to participate in
his workout program!

Norman Nazaroff, 33 years old

STOP Hiding Behind Layers Of Clothes, Avoiding Social Situations, & Looking
Back At Old Unflattering Pictures of Yourself And Be There To Help Your
Friends, Family, And Children Who Can't Help Themselves

Yesterday, a woman in Rhode Island lost her foot because she was fat.

I know that sounds harsh, but it's true...

A sweet lady who was just 49 years old was so overweight, with an
extreme case of diabetes that was relentless and never let up...

Cost the poor woman her foot.

The hearts of women over 30 are FAILING at a rate 5x GREATER than ever
before because you're under so much stress with your career, family,
and your health...

And worst of all...

Our children are growing up fatter than ever while being rewarded with
food left and right...

So it's no wonder why millions of kids are overweight before they even
reach grade school...

Setting them up for a lifetime of doctor visits, painful health issues,
constant bullying, and self-esteem so low it becomes a struggle to
simply get out of bed in the morning...

However, YOU have the power to make a change and be the LEADER that
your friends and family need to add decades onto your life while making
memories that last forever...

You took the time to seek out the truth...

You're the person they need to lead by example and show them how it's
done because they can't figure it out for themselves...

You're different and with this newfound opportunity to transform your
body and your life in just minutes a day...

You have the power to make a change...

Not only for yourself...

For the people you love most too...

And you'll be celebrated as a literal Life Saver...but you have to
choose to transform your own life first...

The good news is...

It's never been easier...

All you need is 10 minutes and I'll show you how to do the rest...

So you can eliminate the Stress Fat from your body once and for all
while changing your family history forever.

Janet Used The Body Slimming Secret To Get In The BEST Shape Of Her Life At
Age 63

Janet Hagen- The short-burst workouts were very efficient and
appropriate for participants with various levels of fitness. They "pack
a wallop" of fitness in a short amount of time, which appeals to people
who have busy schedules.

I would highly recommend this program if you're looking to lose weight
and don't want to spend all night at the gym.

Janet Hagen

Your Price Today: $15

buy now-

Always here to help,

Derek Wahler, CTT

PS - I'm a big fan of leading by example, so here's a picture of me and
my 1-year old daughter Elena after running a 5k race for Charity last
summer. The good news is you won't have to do anything that long and
strenuous to get the flat belly you deserve.

derek elena-

In fact, you'll be able to burn more fat and calories in 10-minutes
with my proven fat loss formula than you would running a 5k race.

The key is hitting your body from a number of different angles while
switching up the intensity to always keep your body guessing so you
never plateau and ignite your metabolism to keep burning fat for hours
after your short workout is over.

And the ONLY reason you haven't gotten the body you desire is because
these transformational secrets haven't been released anywhere at any
time before today.

PPS - If you continue on your current path and choose to do nothing
today, the pockets of ugly fat will continue to build up around your
belly while putting an extreme amount of stress on your heart, lungs,
and arteries that could leave you being rushed to the emergency room at
any minute without warning.

Yet, right now you can eliminate 99% chance of that happening while
stripping away the unwanted fat that's clinging to your body and
busting out of your clothes in just minutes a day while only using your
own bodyweight.

PPPS - You do NOT have to make a final decision today. In fact, you can
go through the ENTIRE Fat Shrinking Signal TWICE and still ask for your
money back if we didn't provide 10x the value for what you paid for.
Simply take advantage of our 60-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee if
you're unhappy in any way with the program or your results. All the
risk is on me and you have nothing to lose.

Your Price Today: $15

buy now-

In Order To Help You Make The Best Decision Possible For the Health Of You
And Your Family...
Here Are Real Questions From Real Readers

Q: How does the program work and what's so special about it?

Millions of women and men have a chemical disorder in their blood
called Leptin Resistance. This basically means that your body sends
signals when you're full...

Yet when you're Leptin Resistant, these signals get lost and never
reach your brain...

Which is why you keep eating and piling on fat even when you're not
truly hungry. It's because your brain is starving amid the lost

Fat Shrinking Signal REVERSES this critical problem that's preventing
so many woman and men from losing weight with a series of super short
bodyweight only workouts...

Which send powerful fat-burning signals to your brain while activating
your Anti-Aging Enzyme so you can finally experience the feeling of
having a Tight and Toned body looking back at you in the mirror in just
29 days.

Q: Am I too old for this?

If you're over 80 years old then I would say Yes. Otherwise, no you
definitely are not!

I've personally had women and men in their early 30's all the way up to
their late 70's get amazing results with these short belly blasting

And this will work for ANYONE at ANY age in ANY physical condition
because you control how much you do in each 10-minute burst.

As you improve, you'll be able to do more in 10 minutes than you could
when you started.

That's commonly known as Dynamic Activation Training and it's the key
to getting FASTER results without adding extra minutes, sets, or reps
to the end of your workouts.

Your Price Today: $15

buy now-

Q: I want to lose 50+ pounds, will this work for me?

Yes, you'll actually start seeing the number on the scale go down very

Likely after the first 2-3 workouts because these total body movements
will provide and instant jolt to your system that wakes up your
fat-burning hormones and puts them to work for hours after your short
10 minute workout is complete.

Q: What if I'm only trying to lose those last few pounds, will this
still work?

Yes, that's the power of Flat Belly Burst Training...

Since you'll constantly be hitting your body from different angles and
intensities, it'll force those last few stubborn pounds to melt off
even if nothing has worked for you in the past.

Q: Do I need a bunch of equipment?

No, in fact you don't need any equipment.

This program is based on bodyweight only workouts that you can do right
at home without having to go to a germ-infested gym or spend thousands
of dollars on workout equipment.

All you need is a few feet of space to get started on your new Flat
Belly journey.

Your Price Today: $15

buy now-


Questions? Email us at Derek@dwahlerfitness
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